Mobility & Non-Medical Transportation Dispatch Services in Portland Oregon



At PDX Dispatch, we care about the health of our clients. Recognizing that 31% of all Americans miss their medical appointments and over 50% of all seniors canceling theirs, we understand just how important our dispatch services are. Committed to providing comfortable and reliable dispatch services, we partner with the best transportation services in the area to deliver superior care and service.

We Care

About You

As part of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation community, we do our part to deliver service with compassion. Our dispatch center is available (5:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday) to get your patients safely where they need to be. Our non-emergency medical transportation dispatch software allows NEMT companies to efficiently deliver disabled and senior patients to and from their medical appointments and much more. We ensure that our partners have a greater success rate with their patients coming to their appointments in Portland and beyond.



PDX Dispatch offers four main service plans. We see ourselves as the past, present, and future of Medical & Non-Medical Transportation, and offer plans that reflect that goal. See a brief overview of our service plans to see if they are right for your business.
Scheduling and Dispatching | 4:00 AM – 5:00 PM M-F | Full time or Part time | Based on your needs and operating hours.
Standard dispatching services included | Client Support Advocate who will provide documentations of daily concern’s | 4:00 AM – 5:00 PM M-F.
Full Service Operations provided | 4:00 AM – 5:00 PM M-F | (includes weekly trip report, Invoicing, Client Support Advocate providing detailed documentations of complaint and corresponding resolution.)
Full Service Operations (Scheduling and Dispatching) | Client Support Advocate providing detailed documentations of complaint’s and corresponding resolution | Provide additional driver training on tablet use and specialised scheduling solutions for individual driver’s including a daily driver log | (This plan also includes regular weekly status reports and Invoicing services, along with additional team planning for special services based on your company’s unique needs.

Why Non-Medical & Medical

Transportation Is Important

Transportation is essential to ensuring the people who need medical care receive it. But in addition to medical transport, many people require assistance getting to where they need to be for school and private functions. Our dispatch center helps transportation companies connect with the quality transport they need. Safe transportation to every patient and person who uses our dispatch services is our goal.



  • We Start By Picking a Customized Service Plan that Fits Your Needs. Next, you get access to our FREE 1-Month Trial.
  • In the second week of your trial, we’ll conduct a meeting to discuss your long-term business needs and any adjustments you may need to our dispatch plan.
  • During the fourth week of your trial, we’ll evaluate your service plan and discuss your contract moving forward if you choose our dispatch company.
Reach out to us for more information about our dispatch services and how we can help you help your clients.




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