Mobility & Non-Medical Transportation Dispatch Services in Portland Oregon

Who Is


PDX Dispatch started working as a dispatch in  after working in the Ride to Care program. What started as a ground dispatching service eventually revealed a serious flaw in the concept—a lack of clear communication. To bring clear communication to the important people in Portland, Oregon, we decided to launch PDX Dispatch.
Bringing together a deep background in the dispatcher industry, our team consists of previous dispatchers working in the Ride to Care program as well as software experts. We fully understand how to work within the dispatch business and can use it to communicate through multiple channels as needed.
As a team, we believe that NEMT is a critical component for individuals in Portland’s community. Individuals who are unable to use regular transportation to get to and from their important appointments for a variety of reasons can trust us for the appropriate support they need to safely arrive at their destination. Whether patients need a specific type of vehicle or wheelchair, we partner with companies who can successfully transport them.


Our Mission

& Values

As a company, PDX Dispatch is proud to provide safe transportation to our community. Our mission is to bring comfortable and safe transportation to all members of our dispatch network with care. In addition to our mission, we are also highly invested in our values as a company and team. These values include: -Passion. We are fully committed in our hearts and minds to delivering superior transportation and care to our clients.
  • Diversity. We believe in the power of diversity. Whether in our team or our partnerships, we seek out diversity wherever we can.
  • Teamwork. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without teamwork. We work with our partners, team, and the Portland community to deliver superior services.
  • Quality. We are committed to the quality of our work. To put it simply, what we do, we do well.


We Do?

PDX Dispatch offers our partners a Dispatch Center & Operation services. Our services including non-emergency medical transportation, school transportation, private transportation, and much more. Please see our services page to learn more about what we do and how we can help your business.


Choose Us?

PDX Dispatch is your partner for non-emergency medical transportation in Portland. We fully understand your business, personality, and culture. And we also believe in providing you with clear-cut answers to your questions about our dispatch services. Understanding that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to your dispatch needs, we provide fully customized service and personalized attention to detail for every client we serve. Success with your dispatch service depends on experience and expertise. We offer you both.
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